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Aflred, a Productivity App for Mac OS

Alfred is a great productivity app for automating tasks with Mac OS. Click this link to download Alfred or simply visit the Alfred homepage and click the "Download Alfred 2" link.

Alfred is designed to take tasks that you do regularly, and automate them so that you don't have to keep doing repetitive tasks. This allows you to quickly and easily boost your productivity and save time throughout your day.

This program is designed to integrate smootly with other apps on your Mac, including Chrome, Spotify, Mail, LastPass, Transmit, and others. It also integrates with websites as well, including Google Maps, GitHub, Stack Overflow, Dropbox, Zendesk, and many others.

The real benefit to Alfred is that you can take events, and have your Mac automatically react to them, doing what you want using Alfred. The workflows help you to plan what should happen when, and then when you need the work done, it will take care of doing it for you.

To get started, download Alfred or visit the Alfred homepage and view its benefits, workflows, and how it can help you!

Looking for technical help? There are comprehensive Alfred answers on Stack Overflow.

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Website Crawlers

Looking to download a lot of data? Need to find the exact information in a gigantic internet haystack that you are looking for? These resources are designed to help you build spiders, crawlers, and other tools to obtain data from the internet.

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Build website spiders and crawlers using: Python | PHP | Java | Node.js | Scrapy | Cheerio | Apache Nutch | MongoDB | PhantomJS.

Website Tools

These tools are designed to help you build your website, add content, and improve your website's appearance.

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